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Farming is a serious business which needs you to properly plan well and maximize returns, the best way to do this is to have your figures right for planning and projections.

Today we will look at how to calculate the number of plants that go in an acre of land for different types of plants:


First thing you should know is that, an acre of land has a total area of 4000 square metres and this comes in different dimensions, it can be 100*40 or 80*40 metres ,or any kind of dimensions but as long as the area goes up to 4000 square metres


These are the steps we shall take to calculate the number of plants per acre of land.

  • Get the spacing of the desired Crop
  • Convert the spacing in metres
  • Get the unit area of the spacing
  • Divide the unit area by the total area of an acre which is 4000m²
  • What you get will be the number of Plants you will have in that Acre of land.
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Lets do an example of this calculation for a crop like BANANA

Spacing for Banana is 3×3 metres

Unit Area is 3×3 = 9m²

Lets get the total Area of an acre which is 4000m² divide it by 9m²


The Answer is 444

So this means in an acre of Land we can have 444 plants hence the holes to be made


As long as you have the right spacing for any crop, you can calculate the number of plants to be planted in an acre. https://www.africa-uganda-business-travel-guide.com/howtogrowbananasinuganda.html

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