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If you’re looking for a fresh and sustainable way to get your fruits and vegetables, look no further than our smart home gardens! We can set up these gardens in both urban and rural settings, using containers, polyethene bags, and wooden boxes to grow a variety of plants. 

Our team will work with you to figure out the perfect layout for your space, and we only use the highest quality materials to ensure that your garden will thrive. 

Plus, we offer a transportation service to bring your garden to you anywhere in Kampala or Wakiso. Starting your own smart home garden is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and eat healthier, so contact us today to get started!

We set up smart home gardens for both urban and rural setting. In these gardens we normally plant vegetables, spices, herbs and fruits in containers, polyethene bags, wooden boxes. Setting up this garden normally costs 500000 for all materials, labor and transport around Kampala and Wakiso.

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