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An acre takes up 440 plants with a spacing of 3*3metres from one plant to another and hole size of 2ft deep & 3ft wide.

▪️While digging the holes, you separate the top soil from the lower soil, and while filling back you use the top soil mixed with a basin of organic manure.

▪️You then get good clean suckers and plant in the middle of each hole at the onset of the rains.

▪️With good management practices like Fertilizer Application, De-suckering, Pruning & Weeding.

After 11 months you will start harvesting your first fruits and 1 acre can give you over 35 bunches every month and this keeps growing.

▪️ keeping other factors constant, if each bunch is 10,000*35 = 350,000shs monthly
Imagine you had 10 acres ,that’s like 3.5M per month. (Prices vary according to season and market ,so better you find market yourself and deliver)

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