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The Green Gold of Africa’s Agribusiness Industry, Avocado is one of the most nutritional packed food on the planet. There are various types of avocados but the most famous are Fuertes and hass varieties.

Hass variety is the best due to its health, nutritional, economic value and ready market, it is mostly grown for export and thus it’s high in demand.

This exotic variety was first grown in California by an agriculturalist called Hass and that’s how it was named Hass.

1. Propagation

Hass varieties is propagated through premium grafted seedlings which are now available in Uganda Make sure you only buy certified grafted seedlings, once it’s not grafted then it’s not HASS.
We graft Hass cuttings with a local variety toot stalk and have a perfect seedling for our environment.

2. Production

Productivity of Hass avocados increases as the number of years increase. After 3 years, each avocado plant can produce a minimum of a 200 fruits, 4th year a minimum of 300 fruits, 5th year 500 fruits, 8th year 1000 fruits and 15th year 5000 fruits. It matures for 3 years and has a lifespan of 50 years.


3. Planting

First thing is to prepare your land buy cultivating it. Then prepare your planting holes of size 3ft wide by 3ft deep. Use a spacing of 5*5 meters from one hole to another ,this gives you a total of 160 planting holes per acre hence the number of seedlings needed.

After making holes, you apply organic manure and plant your seedlings after.

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